Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart Hand Dryer (silver) – JT-S2AP-S-NE

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    • Dry time (in-house tested): 11 seconds (on max power)
    • Cost per 1000 dries: 25p – 36p (97.6 – 98.36% saving against paper towels)
    • Guarantee: 5 years
    • Rated Power: 0.41kW – 0.98 kW / 2.05 – 2.99 Wh per dry (Internal on / off heater switch and adjustable motor speed)
    • Very quiet in operation
    • Filtered air and antibacterial resin in the materials. NSF approved
    • Robust with protective steel shell and long life motor


    One of the fastest drying hand dryers on the market, proven by our in-house testing, an 11 seconds dry time can be achieved.  The unit also comes with a 5 year guarantee – we are the only company to offer this extended period (standard is 3 years). The Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart has been designed on the principles of the very successful Jet Towel Blade “hands in” model, introducing a very compact “hands under” hand dryer, with a long-life motor. This has all the features you would expect from a Mitsubishi including quality build, high performance, energy efficiency and designed with the end user in mind including a sloped roof to stop people leaving things on the top of it. This hand dryer comes in a heated or unheated “lite” version.  You are viewing the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Smart with heat available, which is available in a choice of 2 finishes, white or silver metal.  The heat can be switched off to maximise energy efficiency at any time.

    Not only is this hand dryer one of the fastest and most energy efficient it is also one of the quietest. Rated between 58 and 62dB this truly is one of the quietest high performing hand dryers on the market. This reduced noise is helped by having a near silent motor when in use, as well as aerodynamic design in the interior; there are no sharp edges inside where the air flows. We have yet to independently test these levels however.

    Using between an extremely efficient 410 – 980W of power with a dry time range between 11 – 18 seconds the energy efficiency and performance of this hand dryer are excellent.  It will cost on average approximately 25p – 36p per 1000 uses.

    The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) award has been achieved due to an antibacterial resin being used in the build materials, giving added hygienic properties.  The intake grille – which has an enlarged width, rounded ends and centre rib added for reinforcement – is on the side of the hand dryer, which is designed to prevent dirty air and water from the hand drying cycle being sucked back into the hand dryer and recirculating. A filter is included to separate dust and particles from the air intake so cleaner air is blown onto the hands.

    The unit is military tested to last above 700hrs continuous use.  This test is above and beyond what other motors are tested to, (the highest industry test), other units would not last this long under the same testing protocol.  We have to date zero failure rates.

    Technical Description:

    This version has 4 settings.  There is a high and standard speed setting, whilst being able to turn the heater element on or off.  Each setting has its benefit for drying time, energy efficiency and sound level giving the user a choice based on their unique preferences.  The sensor has been specifically designed to give a very quick response and at just 0.1 seconds, the user will not be left waiting for the activation to occur.  The motor instantly hits full speed, this quickens the dry time so uses less energy. The nozzle has been made extra wide allowing for an increased airflow to cross both hands at the same time, improving the dry time superbly.

    Additional information

    Available Finishes

    Silver (Heated), White (Heated)


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