Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins

The New Alternative to Traditional Sanitary Bin Suppliers. Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins – which remove the need for traditional sanitary bin suppliers.

  • Reduce Costs & Carbon Footprint
  • Removes the need for a Sanitary Bin Contractor
  • Legally Compliant

Did you know that most organisations do not need to use sanitary bin collectors to collect sanitary waste?

Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins remove the need for traditional sanitary bin supplier contracts and are already in use across many organisations including multiple NHS sites.

Watch the Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bin being set up HERE

There is a considerable amount of misinformation concerning sanitary waste to ensure organisations utilise traditional sanitary bin suppliers. However, both the HSE and the Department of Health (DOH) clearly define sanitary bin waste as “offensive waste” and this is not hazardous, clinical or medical waste.

Furthermore, the Environment Agency re-iterates this and states that low levels of sanitary bin waste (offensive waste) can be “legally discarded in the black bin waste stream” – please click here

This means many organisations, including shops, schools, companies and public sector organisations, do not need to use traditional sanitary bin suppliers to provide, clean and empty their sanitary bins and the organisation’s cleaning staff can easily and legally manage this area using Binny™ Disposable Sanitary Bins.

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