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    Award-winning, sustainable RPE…Protect yourself, protect others, protect the planet!

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    How does the P3 Protect achieve carbon neutrality?

    P3 Protect half mask respirator

    Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), that is responsibly carbon neutral

    • Inhalation filtration 99.99%
    • Soft and flexible, medical-grade TPE
    • Exhalation filtration 99.6%
    • Reusable and recyclable

    The only P3 with Patent pending filtered air technology
    Ideal for wearers of glasses, eye protection and surgical loupes.
    Comfortable and lightweight, low profile for better field of vision.
    Innovative design, acoustic tested.
    Silicone-free, odour-free, latex-free.

    UKCA 766358 and CE 766356, BSI certified to EN 1827:1999
    P3 Protect comes in three adult sizes: small, medium, and large
    Acoustic tested to enable clearer, certified communication

    Simple decontamination procedure, with readily available products.
    Effortless to maintain and reduce the risk of contamination.
    Responsible choice for medical staff and others working in high-risk environments Total respiratory protection with reusability and recyclability in mind.
    Adjustable elasticated head and neck strap with TPE comfort pad.
    Mechanical type pleated synthetic filter media with TPE overmold.
    Storage life 5 years for mask and filters.
    Product certification FM P3 NR D is not fitted with filtered exhalation.
    Registered Designs Act 1949, Design numbers: 6291347 and 6291346.

    Protect yourself against particulates such as bacteria, aerosols, and airborne particles.
    Protect others responsibly with filtered exhalation for comprehensive safety.
    Protect the planet by using recyclable and reusable materials.

    Space saving filter innovation Reduce your carbon footprint.

    Be part of changing the face of RPE with COP26 Net Zero Award-winning innovation Sustainable materials with injection molding means minimal waste.
    Reusable facepiece with detachable, replaceable filters.


    Complete respiratory protection. Highest filtration for wearers and patients. Medical grade comfort for loupes and glasses wearers. Reusable and all-round better performance than FFP3.

    OIL & GAS
    Breathe easy with low resistance and highest filtration in the toughest environment, guaran-teeing superior defence against hazardous airborne particles, ideal for demanding conditions.

    Building a safer tomorrow. Blend comfort, safety, and filtered exhalation, providing reliable protection and ease of use, and low profile helping wearers with visors and helmets in chal-lenging environments.

    Guard food quality and safety. Filtered exhalation ensures contaminant-free air circulation, offering unparalleled advantages and impeccable air quality.

    Responsible safety is our product. Innovative design upgrades provide a combination of superior protection and breathability.

    Surpass your standards. Comprehensive safeguarding, including filtered exhalation ensures contaminant-free air circulation, exceeding the capabilities of standard P3 masks and FFP3s. Optimal protection and comfort, meeting the stringent requirements of health and safety protocols across industries.

    Precision protection with advanced filtration technology, complemented by filtered exhala-tion improves higher air quality circulation. Maintain optimum standards.

    Carbon neutral mask designed to protect our planet. Filtered exhalation feature ensures contaminant-free air circulation with flexible and lightweight comfort.

    Manage waste safely. Sustainable materials and filtered exhalation provide a distinct advan-tage over standard P3 masks and FFP3s. Optimal protection and low breathing resistance for challenging environments.

    Innovative solution for chemical challenges delivers patent-pending air filtration technology. Benefit from the additional layer of defence against airborne contaminants.

    Respiratory excellence for vibrant results. A cost-effective solution with maximum safety features, excellent visibility and comfort including for those wearing eye protection.

    Download the P3 Protect Brochure here

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    We first ordered products from Hygiene UK at the start of the pandemic as our usual suppliers could not supply, and had increased their prices drastically. We were offered competitively priced and good quality PPE at a time when not many suppliers could. You delivered timely deliveries to all of my locations, and your team are always friendly and helpful. I will continue to work with you when required.

    Great products and pricing, and the team are always helpful and friendly.

    We've used Hygiene UK many times and have nothing but good things to say. Great Prices, reliable & quick delivery. We use Hygiene UK to supply our blue-chip clients so confidence is a must! Thoroughly recommend!

    A vast range of PPE products at competitive prices, but crucially Hygiene UK's expertise behind the products, and the quality of them, is second-to-none.

    A great company to deal with, extremely reliable with a good range of products. Excellent product knowledge, great communication & customer service, fair prices and fast delivery.

    Hygiene UK is great business providing essential supplies to essential services.

    Huge range of products at great prices. At a time of desperate need many were taking advantage of people, but not Hygiene UK. They have helped us and have been nothing but perfect. If you’re looking for masks, gloves, aprons, etc please give the team at Hygiene UK a call!

    Pleasure to deal with, great communication and overall service levels. Highly recommended.

    Pleasure to deal with Hygiene UK Ltd, quick service and always available to answer questions.

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      The manufacturer of the P3 Protect respirator has pledged to become Net Zero by 2030.
      In order to calculate their carbon footprint measurements they use the SME Climate Hub: smeclimatehub.org/start-measuring/

      They’re also graduates of the Climate Fit course, that helps SMEs reduce their carbon emissions and join the collective race to Net Zero.

      They monitor their own Scope 3 emissions as part of their carbon reduction plan. This includes their downstream supply chain. For example, transport, storage and distribution. Product end of life’ (downstream) measurement depends upon the method and the extent to which this is mitigated by closed or open-loop recycling and other factors.

      For ‘cradle-to-the grave’ carbon output, the factory is creating their own carbon reduction plan, including waste and everything else, to the point that a product leaves the factory gates.

      As a Cop26 Hero of Net Zero award winner, they are constantly looking at ways to limit their carbon footprint and continue as far as possible, without reliance on offset.

      Whatever emissions remain in the atmosphere are removed elsewhere.

      The manufacturer has signed up to Gold Standard, which is considered the best in the world. They offset the remainder of their carbon through the purchase of Gold Standard-certified carbon credits into sustainable projects around the world: https://www.goldstandard.org
      They don't have larger company statutory reporting requirements, so are entering into the NHS supply chain with Evergreen, the Sustainable Supplier Assessment. This self-assessment and reporting tool shares sustainability credentials. They are currently tier 1 of 4 and working towards reducing emissions further.

      The sustainability narrative for manufacturing Net Zero PPE is underpinned by:

      • Sustainable design for manufacture, results in production and consumption patterns with the mantra "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"
      • Reducing the amount of energy required to manufacture, use, clean and recycle products
      • Opting for renewable energy
      • Only using recyclable and/or reusable materials, including reusable and recyclable filters to limit material ending up in landfill

      An IVD Medical Device is defined in the IVDR as “any medical device which is a reagent, reagent product, calibrator, control material, kit, instrument, apparatus, piece of equipment, software or system, whether used alone or in combination, intended by the manufacturer to be used in vitro for the examination of specimens derived from the human body.

      In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are tests that can detect disease, conditions and infections. In vitro simply means 'in glass', meaning these tests are typically conducted in test tubes, cassettes and similar equipment, as opposed to in vivo tests, which are conducted in the body itself.

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